Lamb finishing the future?

Funding: Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) Producer Demonstration Site

Project Duration: March 2017 – October 2019

Amount: $56,454

The Monaro is traditionally a wool growing and breeding region, though MFS member surveys indicate meat production enterprises have increased from 20% to 50% of farm enterprise over the last six years. Cold winter temperatures and limited area of high quality pastures, has meant many producers sell crossbred lambs as stores rather than reaching slaughter weights and fat scores. Recent modelling work quantified the relative profitability ($/ha) of retaining store cross bred lambs on three pasture systems (phalaris/subclover, lucerne, brassica) and in all cases retaining lambs appreciably increased farm profitability.

First year results has certainly validated the modelling predictions and sites will be measured for a second year to add another layer of confidence to the results.

1st Year Results  – Net profit

1) Lucerne (basalt) – $355 /ha/yr
2) Brassica (Mila) – $123 /ha/yr
3) Hummer fescue – $828 /ha/yr
4) Brassica (Cathcart) – $324 /ha/yr
5) Chickory / clover – $845 /ha/yr
6) Phalaris / Lucerne (granite) – $503 /ha/yr
7) Plantain / chickory / clover – $2394 /ha/yr (tbc)
8) Permanent high performance pasture – $305 /ha/yr
9) Brassica (Delegate River) – $361 /ha/yr