Next Generation Forecasting

Funding:  Department of Agriculture

Project Duration:  1 July 2018 – 30 June 2023

Amount:  $512,480 (exc GST)

MFS was successful in our joint proposal for our project application “Next Generation Forecasting – delivering dynamic data to optimise on-farm decision making”.
This funding is offered under the National Landcare Program, administered by the Sustainable Agricultural Branch of the Department of Agriculture.
MFS partners with Tablelands Farming Systems, Local Land Services, CSIRO and Bookham Agricultural Bureau to deliver a project that will integrate real-time climate, soil moisture data and a Grassgro® Monaro modelled farm system into an on-line, forecasting, predictive tool.
The technology will be based on CSIRO’s “digiscape” science platform and hopes to deliver targeted and tailored information on projected pasture growth and stock condition to help with short term decision making.
By combining additional Monaro moisture probes, current weather stations and BOM technology with farm systems based on actual soil type, pasture & livestock production data, it is hoped most farm systems will be represented and the projected information relevant to all producers.

The end product will be an app and web based tool which farmers can use to select their most relevant “farm system” and then run automated “forecast scenarios” which will give pasture growth predictions and animal performance based on actual data from that location.  Each “location” will be set up in a Grassgro® farm system with actual soil characterisations (bulk density, plant available water capacity etc), weather station or BOM weather records and moisture probe data integrated with an improved or native pasture grazing system.  

The project has funding for an additional 5 more moisture probes for the Monaro bringing the total to 9 moisture probes for the Monaro region, adding to a total of 26 probes across the Southern Tablelands.