Project Collaborators:  Farming Forecaster, TFS, LLS, Bookham Ag

Following the successful completion of the Next Gen Forecasting project on 21 October 2022, the then Farming Forecaster committee moved to establish a separate legal entity, Farming Forecaster Inc. Monaro Farming Systems is proud to partner with and support the continued expansion of this specialised decision support tool. Nancy Spoljaric, Project Officer for Farming Forecaster is working closely with the existing collaborators to ensure the ongoing success of the entity.

Farming Forecaster is one of the most advanced pasture forecast tools available to the grazing industry, and has expanded its area to include the Hunter, Central Tablelands, Murray, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Monaro now has 12 probe sites transmitting data to the FF tool. They are located at Ando, Bibbenluke, Bukalong, Bungarby, Burando, Countegany, Coolringdon, Delegate, Kybeyan, Maffra, Mila and Nimmitabel. Farming Forecaster  recommends using the tool to review the information from a wide area around your property, rather than one individual probe location, to gain a more accurate pasture forecast. 

With the Monaro’s extreme weather , the Farming Forecaster tool will be a valuable tool for graziers stocking rate decisions.