March – Autumn Field Day, Delegate Station

2022 Autumn Seasonal Outlook (Doug Alcock – GrazProphet)


December 6th – MFS Summer Soils Club Field Day

2021 Summer Seasonal Outlook (Doug Alcock – GrazProphet)

Carbon & Greenhouse Gases in Grazing Systems (Warwick Badgery)

MFS Soils Club Data 2021 (Warwick Badgery)

MLA PDS Steer Finishing – Final Report (Doug Alcock)

ALG Resistance Testing Project (Jo Powells)

Handout – FAQ’s on Herbicide Resistance (LLS) 

September 9th – MFS Seasonal Outlook and AGM

2021 Spring Seasonal Outlook (Doug Alcock – GrazProphet)

June 22nd – MFS Winter Field Day

Winter Forage Trial – Hugh Graham (S&W Seeds)

MLA PDS Update: The Sense in Supplementation (Doug Alcock – GrazProphet)

March 24th – MFS Autumn Field Day

Farming Forecaster – Phil Graham (Graham Advisory)

Seasonal Outlook – Doug Alcock (Grazprophet)

ALG Resistance Project – Jo Powells (LLS)

Winter Forage Crop Trial – S&W Seeds and Upper Murray Seeds


December 7th – MFS Summer Soils Club Field Day

Soils Database Analysis – Phil Graham (Graham Advisory)

Soil Carbon and Sulphur Findings – Richard Simpson (CSIRO)

Wool Market Anaylsis – Andrew Woods (Independent Commodity Services)

September 30th – MFS Spring Field Day

MFS Benchmarking – Sandy McEachern (Holmes & Sackett)

Soil Carbon – Phil Graham (Graham Advisory)

Commodities Update – Angus Gidley Baird (RaboBank)

Worms on The Monaro – Matt Playford (Dawbuts)

August 26th – MFS Winter Field Day

Historical Rainfall Data Trends – Phil Graham (Presentation)

Historical Rainfall Data Trends – Phil Graham (Video)

Farming Forecaster – Matt Lieshke (Presentation)

Farming Forecaster – Matt Lieshke (Video)

Farming Forecaster – Phil Graham (Presentation)

Farming Forecaster – Phil Graham (Video)

Worms Club – Phil Graham (Presentation)

Seasonal Outlook – Doug Alcock (Presentation)

Seasonal Outlook – Doug Alcock (Video)

Seasonal Outlook – Doug Alcock Part 2 (Video)

June 18th – The Science Behind Seasonal Outlooks with Dr Patrick Mitchell

Video: Weather Webinar Part 1

Video: Weather Webinar Part 2

Video: Weather Webinar Part 3

May 22nd – Native Vegetation Update with Luc Farago

Video: Webinar 22May Native Vege Update

May 8th – Webinar with Doug Alcock – New Farm Systems

Video: Webinar 8May New Farm Systems

May 8th – Webinar with Doug Alcock – Seasonal Outlook

Video: Webinar 8May Seasonal Outlook


December 5th

Seasonal Outlook Summer 2019/2020 – Grazprophet

Grow More Biomass_Store More Carbon_Susan Orgill_NSW DPI

Keeping Fertiliser Investment on Track_Richard Simpson_CSIRO

Solving the Sulfur Story_Final Results_CSIRO

Steer Finishing Trials_Year 1 Economics_Grazprophet

Monaro Nodulation Experiment_University of Sydney

Serradella Trials_Update_Dec 2019_Grazprophet

September 11th

Seasonal Outlook Spring 2019 – Grazprophet

Lamb Finishing PDS – Final Results Summary – Grazprophet

Land Price Outlook – Rabo

MFS Drench Resistance Trials – Final Results Summary – Richie Taylor

April 10th

Seasonal Outlook Winter 2019 – Grazprophet

Grain Handling Options –  Ben Shannon

MFS Drench Trial Update – Dawbuts


December 7th

Seasonal Outlook Summer 2019 – Grazprophet

2018 Soil Results & Impacts Destocking – Phil Graham

Nitrogen & Gibb Acid – Role on the Monaro? – Jim Virgona

Sulphur & Phosphorus Monaro Trial Updates – Richard Simpson

September 6th

Seasonal Outlook 2018

Benchmarking Presentation 2018 – Holmes & Sackett

Benchmarking and Family Business Matters – Kim Lee

Lamb Finishing – 1st Year Economic Study

Serrated Tussock Herbicide Resistance 2018 – SE LLS

April 6th

Weeds Paper_April 2018_Graham Consulting

Lamb Finishing – 1st Year Results Summary

MFS Seasonal April 18

MFS Drench Resistance Trials Summary_April 2018

April 2018_Worm Database Update


December 7th

Soils Club Presentation 2017_Richard Simpson

Impact of Weeds_Phil Graham

Native Vegetation – Land Management Options_LLS

September 6th

Georgia Twomey_Rabobank_Wool Market Outlook

Local Factsheet – Flupropanate resistant serrated tussock – August 2017

Monaro Benchmarking Data 2017

Spring 2017 – what lies ahead

June 28th

Exploring Steer Finishing Options on the Monaro

March 20th

Monaro Legume Nodulation Survey Results_Jo Powell

Free Nitrogen_Its Yours for the Taking_Dr Sofie De Meyer

Soil Constraints to Nitrogen Fixation_Dr Susan Orgill

Paddock Priorities and factors affecting Nodulation_Belinda Hackney

March 9th

1. Introduction_Basil Doonan_Benchmarking

2. The Business of Grazing_Basil Doonan_Benchmarking

3. Skillls Audit_Basil Doonan_Benchmarking

4. Monaro Results_Basil Doonan_Benchmarking


MFS Soils Club Field Day_District summary_Phil Graham

MFS Soils Club Field Day_S fertilisers_J Laycock

MFS Soils Club Field Day _Legume Nodulation Update_J Powells

MFS Soils Club Field Day_Wormclub Update Nov 2016_R Taylor

MFS Soils Club Field Day_NRM Spatial Hub_P Tickle

MFS Soils Club Field Day_Landmark Trials

Phalaris Cultivars_CSIRO_June 10

MFS Wormclub_Richard Taylor_June 10

Worms_Alan Hood Cooma Rural_June 10

Worms_Phil Graham_June 10

MFS Seasonal Outlook_Doug Alcock_June 10

MFS Seasonal Outlook_ March 16

MFS Wormclub_Richard Taylor

LLS Senior Vet Bill Johnson_Worm Management Summary


Fiona Leech SE LLS – Key Nutrients and Alternative Fertiliser Comparisons

Phil Graham NSW DPI – MFS Soil Club Results 2015

Jim Virgona – Managing fertiliser in Grazing Systems

Benefits of Benchmarking – Sandy McEachern

Benefits of Benchmarking_Slides

Doug Alcock Presentation Seasonal Outlook_Sept 2015

Phosphorus Efficient Pastures_Richard Simpson_MLA Pasture Update

Pastures and Soil Carbon_Lachy Ingram_MLA Pasture Update

Establishing Persistant & Productive Legumes_Doug Alcock_MLA Pasture Update

Enemies of Pasture Establishment_Belinda Hackney_MLA Pasture Update

Can we increase Soil Carbon on the Monaro_Susan Orgill_MLA Pasture Update

A Producer Perspective_making sense of R&D_Oli Cay_MLA Pasture Update


MFS Wether Trial Presentation_Dec 2014

Soil Club Presentation 2014

MFS Labour Efficiency Presentation_10th Sept 2014


Aust. Wool Update_G Twomey_Commodity Analyst_Rabo-1

Meat Markets_M Costello_Animal Proteins Analyst_Rabo

July Seasonal Thinking_PG_NSW DPI

Worm Management_GrazProphet_May 2014

Lyn Sykes_Notes_May 2014

Ovine Johne’s Disease_P Wait

Lameness in Sheep_P Wait

Drench Resistance Trials_P Wait


Fertiliser Newsletter_GrazProphet_Nov 13

Value from Fertilising_GrazProphet_Nov 13

Getting value from fertilising Monaro pastures – Graz Prophet – D Alcock

Value of Good Genetics Newsletter_D Alcock_Oct 2013

Value of Good Genetics D Alcock_Wool Seminar Oct 2013

Soils Club 2013, Richard Simpson, CSIRO

2013 Wether Trial Presentation

Jimmy Jackson_Wool Seminar_Oct 2013

Aug 2013 Mecardo Presentation MFS

Sheep Enterprise Profits_D Alcock_June 2013


Wooltrade_Jemalong 2012

Wool Market_AgConcepts 2012

Bloodline Impacts in a Breeding Enterprise D Alcock_Sept 2012


Rob Napier Presentation 2nd workshop 2011-1

Rob Napier Presentation 1st Workshop 2011-1

Carbon Day Out 2_Prof Garnaut-1

Carbon Day Out 2_Mick Keogh-1

Carbon Day Out 2_Lachy Ingram-1

Carbon Day Out 2_Doug Alcock-1


Enterprise Comparison_ Dave Sackett 2010

Enterprise Comparison_Hamish Dickson 2010

Enterprise Comparison_NSW DPI 2010

GrassGro lambing time comparison_Oli Cay 2010


Global Food Webinar_Julian Cribb 2009

LTEM_Charles DeFegley 2009

LTEM_DG 2009

Mackinnon project_JWW_2009


Managing Drought_Grant Burbridge_2008

Thermoskin Project_Doug Alcock 2008

Worldclass Farmers_Rob Napier 2008

Drought Package Booklet _MFS_2008