Managing Fly Strike

Project Funder: Meat and Livestock Australia

Project Collaborators: Australian Wool Innovation

Working with NSW DPI, and in collaboration with AWI, MFS called for expressions of interest in participating in a research project to investigate blowfly resistance to the commonly used flystrike chemicals.  

The tests were carried out on sheep where there is a suspected resistance to chemicals, but also those who don’t as yet have a problem or have sheep that are less genetically susceptible to flies. The tests were taken from a broad cross section of the Monaro, particularly geographically dispersed properties.

Each producer who participated in the project received a free testing kit which tested maggots to determine if resistance is present to Dicyclanil (e.g. Clik), Cyromazine (e.g. Vetrazin), Ivermectin (e.g. Coopers Blowfly and Lice), Spinosad (e.g. Extinosad) and Imidacloprid (e.g. Avenge + Fly).  These tests were valued at $346.

Future Benefits for MFS:

Results will give valuable information to producers on which chemicals show resistance.

Lead Researcher, Narelle Sales, DPI will collate the findings to show resistance for all the Monaro.

As the project is Australia wide – MFS will see how it rates against other areas. All results will be anonymous.