Evergraze 1 – Improved Pasture Mix Comparisons – Bombala

GrassGro Analysis – Improved Pasture Systems_D AlcockPasture production on the Monaro is generally believed to be below potential targets based on average rain fall received.  In particular, legume production is poor and without this nitrogen re-cycling benefit, resultant grass production is often poor.

Achieving the optimum legume mix/balance for the basalt and granite soil types of the Monaro as well as analysing the role of perennial legumes in a grazing system have been identified as key priorities for members of MFS.

MFS implemented a three (3) year trial at Brad Yelds Bombala property “Cobana” to determine which pasture species mix demonstrates the best growth, yields, feed quality and persistence under a grazing regime for the predominate granite soil type.

The three treatments sown (total trial site 7.5 ha) included a phalaris / Lucerne based mix, a higher production mix of clovers, ryegrass and phalaris and a fescue based mix.  The site was rotationally grazed with predominantly crossbred lambs with grazing days and animal weights recorded and pasture assessments included pasture production (biomass), pasture persistence and feed quality measurements.

For results, interpretation and conclusions please read reports attached.

MFS would like to acknowledge the following Project Funders;
Central Highlands Agribusiness Forum (CHAF)
Caring For Our Country