Monaro Farming Systems Inc. (MFS) is a progressive and innovative farmer initiated association of approximately 65 farm business members on the Monaro, equating to over 200 individuals. Over the previous five years we have secured over $900,000 in Project Funding which has delivered local, targeted, evidence based, information to our members and the broader rural community.

The financial members manage approximately 30% of the privately held land (over 80,000 ha) within the Monaro, and are responsible for approximately 40% of production. The group was established in August 2007, primarily as a knowledge and information based organisation, to help farm businesses to be more profitable and resilient in the long term.

MFS offers a flexible and tailored sponsorship opportunity and we welcome any prospective sponsors to have a further look at our prospectus and contact us to discuss how we may work together.


Become a Sponsor

If your business or organisation is interested in becoming a sponsor of MFS, please find further information in the attached prospectus.

You can email our Executive Officer, Frances Lomas directly: [email protected]