Waging the war on worms

Funding:  Australian Wool innovation (AWI)

Partners:  Paraboss, Dawbuts and University of New England

Project Duration:  October 2017 – Dec 2019

Amount:  $26,000

Project Objectives

  1. Design, develop and maintain a simple database to improve the recording of WEC results i.e. property location, WEC, class of sheep, drench history and worm type.
  2. Document / quantify the status of drench resistance to the ML, levamisole, closantel, monepantel, BZ chemical groups by conducting drench resistance tests (drench tests) on 15 farms with a good representation of the district climate, soil and pasture types.
  3. Document / quantify the status of liver fluke resistance in sheep to triclabendazole by conducting drench tests on 10 farms.
  4. Assist in the validation (with Dawbuts) of the sensitive drench test to provide a cheaper and more practical way of testing drench resistance in sheep.

See opposite for results of the drench resistance trials and project updates.