MFS Worm Club

MFS initiated a Worm Club in April 2016 in response to growing worm burdens adversely affecting weaner survival, wool production and sheep welfare as well as a reduced effectiveness of some chemical drench groups. The project aims to increase the effectiveness of worm and fluke control in sheep grazing enterprises on the Monaro by developing a district profile of worm populations for early warning alerts, to tailor better worm control programs, and to document resistance status. The MFS group now has a total of >1,260 worm test results and engages 63 farm businesses. A copy of worm test results (if pre approved by farmer) are sent to MFS. 

These results are then entered into a member data base which then automatically updates a live graphic on the MFS website which shows the average number of epg per month for “barbers pole” worm and “other” worms.  This data shows the seasonal trends of worm populations for the Monaro and can provide an early alert warning system for worm challenges. 

MFS plans to continue investing into the Worms Club to deliver tangible outcomes to wool growers as follows;
– A reliance on locally based and generated data to make more informed decisions on pasture management / rotations, chemical choice and drench programs;
– Access to a comprehensive, district specific, data set.
– Access to local alerts and an early warning system;
– Adopting a locally based co-ordinated approach to drenching and drench timing;
– More widespread use and awareness of the ParaBoss website;
– Protection of new and emerging technologies;
– 5-10% increases in overall farm profit per hectare due to increased weaner survival.

The future aim is to provide a profile of worm test results per district to further tailor information back to members.

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Monaro 2023 Winter Worm Risk Outlook