About MFS

Monaro Farming Systems 

The MFS group was established in 2007 by a progressive group of local innovative producers with Industry support with an aim to build capacity and continuous improvement in the Monaro grazing Industry.  Over the following years, MFS has grown from strength to strength and now consists of over 65 farm businesses which equates to over 200 individuals. With strong, professional leadership from the ground up it has been able to secure over $1,500,000 in project funding covering several core focus areas which include soil management and fertility, pasture improvement, enterprise comparative analysis, genetic improvement, seasonal forecasting and farm business growth.

The MFS group collectively manages 123,988 hectares on the Monaro and is responsible for approximately 40% of total production.  Members run approximately 375,500 sheep and 25,000 head of cattle, produce on average 1,875,845kg of wool per year and turn off over 2,500,000 kg of sheep meat and 4,207,000 kg of beef annually.

MFS is currently managed by a Board of directors, made up of producer members and Industry representatives and employs a part-time Executive Officer and an Administrative Officer based in the Bombala Office.

Aims of MFS:

  • provide members with proven, relevant and targeted information which improves knowledge and profitability
  • provide a forum to focus on and manage research, development and extension on the Monaro
  • provide opportunities for members to interact and exchange ideas
  • be member owned and driven
  • continue to develop partnerships by seeking the involvement of individuals and organisations in the pursuit of our objectives
  • Improve the level of capability / capacity of the whole Monaro grazing community to lift performance and improvement.