MFS Soil Club

The Monaro has contrasting soil types which differ substantially in their intrinsic fertility and fertiliser requirements.

The MFS Soils Club was initiated in 2010 and now involves 83 farm businesses, has tested a total of 1216 paddocks and has a data set of 1970 tests representing the three main soil types on the Monaro (basalt, granite and shale).  As a result of this soils club, MFS members now have a much better understanding of their soil fertility and landscape variability as well as adopted regular soil testing programs to map paddock fertility trends over time and target fertiliser investments to meet strategic fertility goals on each of their soil types and production systems.

The work done by the soils club has improved the skill level, understanding and capacity of producers to manage their soil fertility and improve their productivity as well as achieved practice change and greater efficiency in terms of fertiliser investments.

Project Funders and Contributors;

CSIRO – Dr Richard Simpson

Landcare Australia / Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Woolworths Fresh Food Future Grants program

South East Local Land Services


Soil Club District Summary Results – 2018

Soil Club District Summary Results – 2017

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