Thursday 18th June – 4pm

MFS Members Webinar: Seasonal Weather Outlooks

Join Patrick Mitchell from CSIRO as he discusses factors guiding seasonal weather outlooks for the Monaro region and short to medium term forecast interpretation

For further information, contact Zoe:

Friday 22nd May – 4pm

MFS Members Webinar: Monaro Grasslands

Join Luc Farago from LLS as he delivers information about the Native Vegetation Act. This will contain a refresher on current processes for land use change in native dominant pasture on the Monaro and a summary of code options, an introduction to Monaro Grassy Woodland CEEC listing and a chance for Q&A.

Friday 8th May – 4pm

MFS Members Webinar: Seasonal Outlook

Join Doug Alcock from Grazprophet as he delivers the latest Seasonal Outlook, as well as Grass Gro data around the new farm sites.
Monaro Farming Systems Chair, John Murdoch will also give an update during the webinar, and there will be time to ask questions at the end of the session.