Cereal Variety Evaluation Trial

Spring sown cereal trials were conducted by Monaro Farming Systems (MFS) in 2009 to review suitable varietal options within existing wheat, barley and triticale lines. Trials were established at Cooma on Damian & Anna Rudd’s property “Dangelong” and on “Delegate Station” owned by John Jeffreys and family. This is the first time that independent, validated research has been conducted on the Monaro looking at short season cereal crops and their potential profitability.

At both the sites, ten (10) wheat, four (4) barley and two (2) triticale varieties were compared.  All varieties were tested for grain quality, yield, tillering ability and flowering time.  Agritech NSW from Young was contracted to conduct all activities associated with the trial such as sowing, crop assessments, harvest and statistical analysis.

An economic analysis was performed and an overall ranking of the varieties sown (Cooma trial) has been given based on gross income $ per ha. The potential for dual-purpose cropping in the Monaro region of Southern NSW has also been explored and discussed.  For the results and discussion please see the attached final report.

Project Funder: Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)