Targeting Fertiliser Applications to Soil Fertility

Monaro soils differ intrinsically in their nutrient properties and carrying capacities and therefore differ substantially in their fertilizer requirements.
The cumulative results over the last four (4) years as a result of Soil Club testing indicate;

On the basalt soils, 20% are below optimum for P, 80% are below optimum for S and 20% of soils are P & S deficient.  There is adequate to high K levels.
On the granite soils, 60% are below optimum for P, 80% below optimum for S and 25% are below optimum for K.  55% are P & S deficient and 25% are P, S and K deficient.
On the shale soils, 80% are below optimum for P, 80% below optimum for S and 50% are below optimum for K. 70% are P&S deficient and 35% are P, S & K deficient.

This Project aimed to use paddock trials to link the theory with the practice of correcting nutrient deficiencies and the resulting impact on pasture legume composition.  Paddock trials were set up and measured over a three year period on the three main Monaro soil types, basalt, granite and shale in paddocks with known deficiencies.The paddock trials also focussed specifically on comparing the performance of alternative sulphur (S) fertiliser products in respect to their soil retention properties, plant availability and pasture response.

The Project aimed to encourage producers to use soil test information recorded over several years combined with the P-Tool methodology to be able to benchmark their soil nutrient status on a paddock scale and then set nutrient targets based on stocking rate goals. The project aimed to increase the confidence of producers in taking regular soil tests and interpreting soil test information which can then be used to make more evidence based, informed decisions and encourage adoption of variable fertiliser rate spreading strategies.

See the attached report for results, interpretation and conclusions.

MFS would like to acknowledge the following Project Funders;

Meat & Livestock Australia – Producer Demonstration Sites

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